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space in between

space in between_side infill extension in Chiswick_London Beyond pragmatically satisfying the ordinary brief (providing a toilet and utility room to the ground floor), the project seizes the opportunity to insert a subtle scenery into the existing living area of a Victorian terraced house. The new […]

a blue gem in a grey cave

a blue gem in a grey cave_coffee and sandwich bar in Fitzrovia_London 2017 The refurbished premises appear like a geometrical cave cut out from a cement block. High-performance resin coating laid on floor, walls, ceiling and bespoke furniture, creates a continuum that surrounds space throughout. […]

glass veil

glass veil_Victorian house refurbishment, side and rear extension_London 2017 An open space reception preserving traditional features and a modern glazed extension are connected by a sculptural stair and a 15m long equipped wall. Uninterrupted view spreads from the front bay window to the rear garden.


D-cube_London 2016 An exercise about architectural composition. A partially dismantled volume created by successive subtractions based on golden section. Balanced solids and voids re-assembled to generate a new polyhedron. Sliding and intersections of frames that empty corners and dig facades. Light in its compactness. Essential […]


attached_detached_Victorian house side extension_London 2016. Improving sunlight in a disadvantageous north facing fa├žade by setting a continuous glazed element, skylight/doors, that visually detach the extension from the existing. Three neat materials: concrete-like walls, floor and furniture; wood; glass.

Objects in spaces

Objects in spaces_ headboard and table lamps for hotel bedrooms_London 2016 Starting from the background, furniture accessories turn into aggregational objects to generate cohesive spaces. Innovative LED lighting solutions with integrated charging facilities for electronic devices. Wood, polycarbonate and aluminium.

looking at The Shard

looking at The Shard_residential interiors_London 2015 Four luxury apartments viewing the Shard. Plenty of natural light spreading from large windows on clear surfaces. Strip led emphasising linear grooves on the walls. Soft contrast between materials in bedrooms and pure feeling bamboo flooring in living areas.

deferent ending

deferent ending_ listed building refurbishment and addition in High Wycombe_UK 2015 Sustainable residential development creating 59 dwellings. Balanced design between preserving the past, adding extensions and new construction.

diagonal cut

diagonal cut_Victorian house refurbishment_London 2014 An open space on the ground floor is going to become the core of the house, by demolishing the existing partition walls. The space becomes free and flowing so that light can break forth everywhere. Staying area and walking area […]

three simple suggestions

three simple suggestions_flat refurbishment_London 2014 A- kitchen improvement: natural light and ventilation. B – kitchen improvement: natural light and ventilation main bedroom improvement: less noisy position storage improvement: more space C – kitchen improvement: natural light and ventilation main bedroom improvement: less noisy position living […]

arisen from land

arisen from land_retirement development in Andorra_2014 Residential development regarding n.50 detached houses for retired people looking for a high quality of life. the aim is achieving human confort and well-being for their users as well as stimulating place identity and membership. Eco-friendly general perspective focusing […]

street shipping container

street shipping container_mozzarella shop_London 2014 Making and selling cheese in a moving premise by using a modified shipping container. Glazed walls allow the consumer to see the last and most fascinating part of the production: the manual stretching. then the spherical shapes are put in […]

paper rooms

paper rooms_historical archive in Naples_Italy 2014 Banco di napoli historical archive is the largest collection of banking records in the world, consisting of over 300 rooms whose walls are covered by shelves containing ancient documentation from 16th century to nowadays. Just a few rooms in […]

3D wall

3D wall_flat refurbishment in Brescia_Italy 2013 A drab entrance hallway becomes a vivid welcome space by adding a sculptural partition between the corridor and the kitchen. The new wall stretches switching between planes, folds, cuts and rotations. The use of colour highlights some objects and […]

Casa L+

casa L+_detached house in como_Italy 2012 L+ house is a shell in strict relationship with the contest. Either introverted to protect privacy or open to expand outward, it is constantly connected with the surrounding. An L-shaped boundary, conveniently punched, fences in the core of the […]

wooden telescope

wooden telescope_terraced house refurbishment and addition in Langosco (VA)_Italy 2011 Two levels semi-detached house renovation and small conservatory extension. Inside the open space on the ground floor the staircase looks like a volume erupted from the wall, hanging above wooden shelves. Three levels addition stretching […]

folded flooring strip

folded flooring strip_house refurbishment in Dumenza (VA) conservation area_Italy 2011 Existing: two separated room on two different levels linked by an external staircase. Proposed: linking the two spaces up by adding an interior flight and enclosing the external one.